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Quantrax Corporation is a technology company with state-of-the-art software and an integrated dialer for collection agencies or companies that manage their own receivables. Our product RMEx was designed and built in 1990, and its design is based on artificial intelligence and knowledge-based technology. Quantrax is currently involved in software research, development and the support of RMEx, its next generation of collection technology. Quantrax is uniquely positioned as a result of a 20-year track record with knowledge-based systems for the industry. Our industry experience includes medical, retail, check collections, student loans, utilities, credit cards and other financial institutions. In 2003, Quantrax created the most advanced dialer platform that the industry has to offer. Simply stated, it is different, and better. RMEx runs on what may arguably be the most powerful, scalable and reliable hardware platform ever built – the IBM iSeries (formerly the AS/400). RMEx is now presented in a new graphical (GUI) format – Click the link for a video (16.46) that highlights our modernized application and efficient collector desktop.


In addition to having created what many consider to be a futuristic product, Quantrax supports its product using on-line help, on-line user manuals and training modules. Quantrax can provide the programming support needed for its clients to design custom interfaces as required, for loading new accounts, working with a dialer, creating payment tapes, credit reporting etc. RMEx is currently installed in more than 35 states within the United States and also in Canada, in environments from as few as 10 collectors, to operations with over 1000 users.


Why are we different?

  •     We are a company of technology professionals who designed a superior solution for the collection industry
  •     Our strong knowledge and proven track record of delivering intelligent software for the collection industry, is unique
  •     We offer solutions that have consistently delivered significant productivity gains at the lowest operating costs
  •     Our integrated dialer platform is the strongest and most advanced in the industry
  •     The power of the hardware platform – IBM i is a system designed for business, as described in this presentation (05.02)
  •     We can can rapidly deploy solutions in any collections environment
  •     We are totally focussed on technology for the collection industry


Quantrax's greatest asset is technical vision and fearless innovation. We place bold bets on what the industry will require and we are usually correct. We have no technical limits, and innovation is a part of our culture. It is a combination that has produced a revolutionary solution that offers the industry the opportunity to compete and profit through the best that technology has to offer, today, tomorrow and into the 21st century. We also take great pride in a successful business model based on a nonhierarchical organization where great emphasis is placed on teamwork and client relationships.


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