Picture of ComputerIntelec is an intelligent collection system and there are significant differences between traditional data-based systems and intelligent systems. To fully appreciate this technology, you need a basic understanding of the concepts of expert systems. If you have not done so already, please take a few minutes to review "The Intelec Story" and "An Overview of Intelec". Use the "Back" button on your browser or the "Go back" link on each page to return to this page. Intelec was designed to be used and supported by non-technical people - You can take advantage of this powerful technology with only your collection knowledge and an understanding of the features of the system!

The following demonstration will take you through the major areas of the system. As you progress through the demonstration, click on the links to display sample screens.

This presentation is best viewed on a high-resolution monitor, in full-screen mode (use F11 from Internet Explorer), with your display set to a resolution of 1024 by 768. We have obtained best results with Internet Explorer Version 5 or higher.

Intelec is a multi-company system that allows you to set up different companies on the same data base. Different companies could be used to manage different business operations, different offices, or for separating an early-out operation from bad debt collections. There is security to restrict access to different companies, based on the user who is accessing the system. Intelec is a menu-driven system - You define which menus a user is allowed to access and what areas of the system they can work with. (E.g. Client update, client inquiry etc.). To give you an example of a menu, the following is the "Main Menu" for the system.

   Understanding account information

This area will help you to understand the type of information we store about a debtor and the individual accounts for a debtor. Intelec allows you to "link" multiple accounts for the same debtor and to view and work them as a "group". Linking can be managed based on the client or type of account.

Let us first look for an account. You would select Account Inquiry to find an account.

Following is an account detail screen, the main screen that will be presented when working an account.

We also have an optional graphical user interface (GUI) for Intelec. This is an example of the account detail screen with a "PC look".

Some important concepts :

This should give you a good idea of the debtor and account information that is maintained within Intelec. Let us move on to a different area of the system - its intelligence!

   The knowledge base

The knowledge base is the area that allows a user to set up the knowledge and rules that will be used to make decisions and manage accounts or work plans. Collectors would not have access to this area - It would only be accessed and maintained by management. Here is a System Control Menu that allows you to set up some of the knowledge and rules within Intelec.

You should now have an understanding of how Intelec can be programmed to think like a collection expert. This is not accomplished because someone decided to add several rules to a system. The intelligence in Intelec is a part of its design. It is integrated with the account information, client information, account history, the skill-level of the person working the accounts, the collectability of the account and potential profitability among other things! In other words, the system can consider everything that a human expert should consider, but rarely does, because of the volumes involved and the great complexity of the task.

   Something about collector queues

During Nightly Processing, the system analyzes all open accounts, filtering out payment arrangements, future promises etc. and creates work queues (or Processing Types) for each worker. In Intelec, it is not only collectors who work accounts. Accounts can be routed to managers, supervisors, skip-tracers, client service representatives etc. for action. Following is the "Account Processing Menu", the area that will be used by collectors and service representatives.

  Some management options

Let us show you a few management options.

   Clerical functions

We have found that many companies have disproportionately more clerical personnel compared to the number of collectors they have. Intelec was designed to to be used with a minimal number of support personnel. Let us consider some of the clerical functions and features within Intelec.

   Reporting capabilities

Intelec has extensive reporting capabilities. You can review some of the key reports by going to the Periodic Reports Menu.

   Our on-line training modules

We wanted our educational material to be accurate and up-to-date. This is not possible with paper-based documentation. We are committed to maintaining system-based documentation for all areas of the package. Consider the example of Collector Training. This is documentation with actual pictures of screens! Intelec also has field-level help text within most of the system.   

Would you like to review all of the screens in this demonstration?

These are just some of the features of Intelec. The unique design and flexibility of the system offer possibilities that can not be considered with traditional systems. For more information, please contact Quantrax Corporation at 301.564.4477. Or send us a message using the "Contact Us" section of our web site www.quantrax.com.

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