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This area will bring you news about RMEx, I-Tel, our other products and Quantrax. Visit it often! The link “Contacting us” has useful information about support procedures and Custom Modifications. Please review this section.

RMEx VERSION 6.1 IS NOW AVAILABLE! Review the documentation for RMEx 6.1 

Share your ideas and ask questions from other clients through our networking site,

Web-based collector and management training – Please review our web-based collector and management training. Print the RMEx “Quick reference guide” and use it for all of your collection staff. This PDF was designed for double-sided printing as a one-page handout.

Skip tracing and scoring – Quantrax is a part of an offshore skip-tracing operation. Please review the operational documentation. Our neural network-based scoring product I-Score has been deployed. Please review our white paper on I-Score and user documentation. We also have a presentation on scoring – best viewed in higher resolution and full screen mode (F11 in Internet Explorer)

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