Check mark Following is a list of enhancements that Quantrax planned to implement. Many of them have been delivered in recent releases.

Account processing

  •   On the duplicate options (F3) add the duplication of SS# and date of birth.
  •   Work maps – Provide a display that shows what has been worked in each category.
  •   Add a fax number to the attorney screen (F2)
  •   Add the ability to search by legal case number on the F6 legal screen.
  •   When the F6 legal screen is selected, transfer appropriate information from the F17 screen to the F6 screen.
  •   Standardize the addresses retained by the system. Insurance is an example of the address format being different.
  •   When Direct Check information is deleted, the checking account information should be retained.
  •   It was suggested that the system generated QCat “Paying Accounts” was not being sent to the dialer. This is not correct. No changes are needed.
  •   Make the F7 from the second detail screen (F10) take you to the Account Detail (first screen) as opposed to out of the account.
  •   Provide a method of displaying the different SS#’s on a linked group.
  •   On the linked accounts screen, identify accounts with a bad address.
  •   Provide additional edits on Direct Checks and nonlinear arrangements to stop invalid dates from being entered too far into the future.
  •   Stop the entry of multiple direct checks with the same date or check number.
  •   Display the linked balance on the direct checks screen.
  •   Make the “default” on the Direct Checks option that transfers information to a nonlinear arrangement, a “Y”.
  •   Make sure the first payment for a nonlinear arrangement is not too far in the future (same logic as for standard Payment Arrangements)
  •   There is an “Other Information” screen that can be accessed from the TAB Q option. Allow this screen to be duplicated on linked accounts.
  •   From an account, we would like to know what area of the work map a specific account qualifies to be displayed in or if the account does not qualify to be worked.
  •   Expand some of the fields on the Insurance Screen (e.g. Company name, addresses)


  •   Reports – Add the person requesting the report to the information printed. This will be introduced progressively.
  •   Provide a Status Report and Close Report for forwarded accounts, allowing the selection of a forwarded agent.
  •   Update reports manual. This will be done in a manner that the manual can be accessed via the Client section of our web site.
  •   Detailed collector audit – allow multiple collectors to be selected.
  •   Create a Placement History by Zip Code.

Payment Processing

  •   Adjustment codes will be enhanced to allow decisions to me made based on their use.
  •   Payment codes will be enhanced to capture additional fields related to a payment transaction.
  •   On payment entry, allow an incorrect transaction to be edited, as opposed to the need to delete and reenter the transaction.
  •   Show summary by payment code.
  •   Link the credit cards option to payment to direct checks and payment arrangements.
  •   When possible, validate the date information entered in the Client Reference field.

Enhancement to knowledge base and management options

  •   On the selection criteria within a Smart Code, we will provide the ability to stop thinking when a specific condition is met.
  •   In addition to taking the actions specified on the back screens of a Smart Code, we will provide the ability to take several actions based on a specific decision line within a Smart Code.
  •   Add the ability to control letters by client or client group.
  •   Allow the system to think based on the age of the newest linked account.
  •   Allow the linked legal balance to be used for decision-making.
  •   Provide an option for a client level Smart Code to be applied at time of posting account.
  •   Make decisions based on potential linked account commission (Currently available for individual account).
  •   Quick View – Allow user to advance to next account with a function key.
  •   Provide a method of monitoring the percentage of successful promises and payment arrangements.
  •   On System Security add options to look or change different areas.
  •   Based on a letter code, allow an option to stop the letter based on the linked balance being less than a specified amount.
  •   We will provide a method of displaying the different areas in which a specific Smart Code is being used.
  •   Consider the possibility of providing collectors with information on attempts and contacts for the day. This will help them in meeting their daily targets.
  •   There are letter controls (e.g. Omit in linked balance based on Description Code) that work at the company level. Add this feature at the letter level too.
  •   Expand the time to work/not work accounts to the QCat level. Currently, it is by processing type.
  •   Auditing a user in the area of accounts worked – Allow the user to advance to a specific point rather than having to start at the first account.

Other areas

  •   Returned mail – if address exists, show date when account was last worked to indicate how old the information is.
  •   Allow reports (Queries) to be run from the insurance information (F16)
  •   Allow purged information to be included on the Status and Closed reports. This should also be available for the placement history reports that are created from existing data, provided payment history is saved during the purge process.
  •   Provide a method of automating month-end processes that may include several different custom reports.