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Quantrax Corporation is proud to have pioneered the development of expert systems (intelligent software) for the collection industry. Although Quantrax's software is used by many collection agencies, the product can be utilized in any high volume receivables management environment. Our primary product RMEx was originally designed to overcome the weaknesses of existing data-based systems, increase the levels of automation and meet the needs of a changing collection and receivables management industry. Even though they know that it is grossly inaccurate, our competitors will make the claim that there is absolutely no difference between Quantrax's “knowledge-based” technology and traditional “data-based” systems that were designed over 25 years ago.


Traditional software models make a basic assumption that you will need more people and resources as you take on more business. If your collection software was not built by Quantrax, think about the number of people you have added in the last few years. Today, the traditional model is so dominant and established that the primary method for evaluating a collection company's success is the number of people they employ. This may have been applicable when we used cards or automated the card system, but is it viable in the information age and in a period when fees have been reduced so significantly? Our model was designed to increase revenues per collector and lower operating costs by requiring less support personnel per collector. Does it work? After a 20-year track record and deployment in over 35 states and Canada we have consistently obtained gains in productivity that approach 40 and 50 percent compared to any other automated systems! If you think that is simply sales, call us and we will be glad to give you a list of our clients.


This area of our web site was designed to help you to compare RMEx with other systems and make an informed decision about your technology. It includes information such as :



The real problem is not whether machines think

but whether men do.”B.F.Skinner, behaviorist and author, in his 1969 book

'Contingencies of Reinforcement : A Theoretical Analysis'.

The Encyclopedia Britannica defines an expert system as “an advanced computer program (instruction set) that mimics the knowledge and reasoning capabilities of an expert in a particular discipline. Its programmers strive to clone the expertise of one or several human specialists to create a tool that can be used by the layperson to solve difficult or ambiguous problems. A key advantage of expert systems is their low cost compared with the expense of paying an expert or team of specialists.” Even though it is now in the14th year of its development cycle, RMEx holds a unique position as the only expert system for the receivables management industry.


What about hardware? Our products were designed for the IBM i5 (formerly the AS/400 and iSeries). This platform is described as “…. reducing complexity and improving flexibility and productivity with a highly integrated and highly secure POWER5+™ processor-based system. Runs i5/OS®, AIX 5L™, Windows® and Linux® simultaneously-offering tremendous flexibility in application choice.”


In 2003, we created what is arguably the finest integrated dialer platform in the collection industry. Quantrax's entry into dialer technology was both well-timed and appropriate. It has been accepted with great enthusiasm, with successful deployment in environments with over 500 agents. At a time when the dialer industry is facing some of its greatest challenges, I-Tel is a new, innovative, best-of-breed product, designed specifically for the collection industry. It offers you new opportunities through extreme levels of automation, greater control and better management of your valuable resources.


Compared to other systems, RMEx's design and underlying technology supports substantially higher levels of automation, giving you the potential to significantly increase productivity and lower your operating costs. The great success that our system has enjoyed has given us many examples of RMEx's ability to increase profitability within a collection operation. Today, RMEx is widely accepted as a revolutionary product that challenges conventional software design with groundbreaking ideas.


A summary of benefits

With RMEx, you invest in uniquely powerful software that can be programmed to think and automate like a human collection expert. The product is a complete collection system that will replace your existing software. You will be able to load new business, send letters, make phone calls, work accounts, receive payments, produce reports and credit report to all of the bureaus. But it not what we do that is different. It is how we do it that makes us better. Some of these features and benefits can be summarized as follows,


New accounts can be loaded using custom code or an optional ETL (extract, transform, load) module. Non-technical people can be trained to load client data into the system.
Tradition letter series is replaced by a “Contact series” which is a series of letters and / or phone calls. Initial contact strategy can be automated to take advantage of a predictive dialer when phone numbers are available. Call frequency and maximum effort can be defined based on the client or type of account.
RMEx's work flow engine is an “Expert advisor”, designed using the concepts of artificial intelligence. You can do almost anything you decide to, without the need for technical resources or custom programming. Your options, the ability for the system to think and make decisions, and the levels of automation are significantly greater compared to traditional competitive systems.
Compliance is managed by the system on multiple levels. Whether it be state, client or local rules, RMEx will automate the actions that need to be taken to ensure that you stay within the required guidelines.
Letters, phone calls and work effort, can be controlled at the state level. There is no need for manual work when it relates to working ot not working accounts in a certain state or sending a different letter based on the debtor's state.
Controlling the maximum number of calls allowed to a phone number, type of phone or the debtor, per day or in a given period. Many clients are now requiring strict controls over the number of phone calls and messages associated with collection efforts. This can only be controlled by technology, and we do it today.
Fully integrated, real-time cell phone scrubbing module is a part of the base code.  Many options exist to handle compliance issues related to calling cell phones. The processes are automated and there is flexibility for how you manage cell numbers and land lines.
RMEx has the only intelligent scripting in the collection industry. RMEx will “read an account” and build a script, unlike traditional systems which use canned scripts based on the client or line of business.
RMEx supports many methods of collector assignment and reassignment. Accounts can be pooled or combined with an ownership model. Numbers can be controlled based on skill levels, number of accounts or value. The system can ensure that accounts are worked by the best collector, but moved out and reassigned if they are not worked as required.
Managing multiple accounts (linked accounts) is something that RMEx does extremely well. Whether it is medical or another industry, linked accounts must be managed if you are to be efficient and keep your costs down. RMEx's linking options provide flexibility that no other system offers.
Dynamic scoring will rate and manage accounts as they are worked and circumstances change. Traditional collection scores are static. Only dynamic scoring can consider hundreds of key parameters and adjust a new scoring option, to give you a much better view of an account at any time in the collection cycle.
The collector desktop is designed for displaying information quickly and working accounts efficiently. RMEx's graphical interface was designed for ease of use. The point and click interface allows a collector to quickly work and document an account in as much detail as is required.
The intelligent technology can review large volumes of accounts periodically or as they are worked. The timing of key actions and good follow-up are the key to success in the collection industry. RMEx allows you to look at millions of accounts a day, looking at each account as a manager would, making the same decisions that a manager would make. You can finally address the complex problem of over-working and under-working accounts.
Superior automation tools for managing accounts, campaigns and phone numbers. We can present the right account to the right person, at the best time, and with the best phone number. Most companies have supervisors who have to manually manage accounts and work effort each day. That does not happen with RMEx, where you simply set it up and let it run.